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The module Business Plan Complete contains 5 blocks which are created with in a daily workshop (8 hours) and will be documented by us:

Goal (vision) and way (strategy)
Product and customer benefit
Market and competition
Business Model | Staff | Processes | IT | Quality |
Marketing and Sales
Extra module Preparation of a balance sheet | GuV | cashflow plan
Professional pitchdeck in the look and feel of your company.

The financial planning includes a balance sheet, P & L and cash flow planning in Excel. 


Crowdfunding today offers both subordinated equity mezzanine loans and long-term debt financing in the form of corporate bonds / bonds with interest rates between 6 and 8.5%.

The annual financing volume via crowdfunding increased from EUR 0.15 million to EUR 64 million in Germany from 2011 to 2016.

Our experience and contacts pave the way for financing on the major international platforms.

Investor / Company Videos

For digital financing models such as Crowdfunding and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and IPO's, multimedia presentation forms such as image or corporate videos are a necessity today.

With the experience of over 100 + documentaries we know the triggers for emotions and "real" experience for the target audience.

Network / Partners

For cooperations and strategic alliances, we are happy to provide you with our long-standing and trusted network and partners. Thus, the important discussions take place at the decision-making level and both parties can quickly and efficiently determine the chances of cooperation.

We connect you to our International Network and provide you with our contacts to leading patent law firms, tax and legal consulting firms.

Customer Benefits

This module is mainly about why your customer uses your service or buys your product.

Together we want to work out how the customer benefit can be increased and better communicated.

Here, the possibilities of digitization for improving the efficiency, transparency and comfort for your customer have to be considered wisely.


This is about your system landscape and more or less digitized processes. In particular, we will analyze CRM, financial accounting, quality management, campaign management and propose "best practice" processes / workflows and IT systems.

We do not consider production and merchandise management processes and corresponding system modules. Our focus is on digitization and customer orientation - and extraction. We have seen and implemented many of the necessary systems and processes in large parts. From cost center and carrier accounting to customer management to quality measurement of your employees and efficient online marketing tools.


We will show you how you can measure the quality of your employees and thus make them the basis for a performance-based pay.

Here, too, digital on-line applications enable a strong implementation speed and an intuitive, very simple operation of the system.


Online marketing

Cold calling and SEO optimization was yesterday ... email | FB messenger marketing is today. In this way, you can establish direct and long-term customer relationships and intensify the contact with your prospects through individual news, tips and offers.

In our experience, we show you the most efficient way to attract potential customers online on the Internet. And that's easy and fast to implement for any company. True to our claim and promise "aC4.0" we will do it together with you.

It's as simple as it is ingenious, you just have to learn and understand the underlying psychological patterns and procedures.

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